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The online diary, thoughts, opinions and observations of Andy Read, Independent district councillor and former Mayor of Stroud in Gloucestershire, England. This is intended as one of the ways in which I try to inform local people what I am doing as their representative and as the only Independent councillor on Stroud District Council.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Greenfield or brownfield development around Stroud? You help decide.

A six-week consultation process has now begun over where to put 3,200 new homes and 6,000 new jobs in the local area up to 2026. 

My recent blog outlined the proposals in the council's current Preferred Strategy in full detail. The risk to green field sites such as Wades farm, Callowell Fields and Grange Fields is very much still a real risk.

This is potentially the most important decision that Stroud District Council will have to make in the coming years. Many of the sites identified for new development lie in and around Stroud. So it is vital that as many local people as possible get involved and have their say.

How to find out more
Throughout the consultation period, hard copies of the consultation documents will be available to view at locations across the district.  In my Stroud Central Ward the documents are available at Stroud library in Lansdown, Stroud Town Council office in London Road and The Tourist Information Centre at Stroud Subscription Rooms. From 6 February to 26 February there will be extra displays available with the documents at the offices of Stroud Town Council.

There will also be six drop-in exhibitions, targeted at the main development locations, where members of the public can look at the plans and ask questions of officers and councillors. In Stroud I will be attending the event on Saturday 25 February from 10am – 3pm in the Subscription Rooms, Stroud.
All of the information on consultation events, venues and dates elsewhere across the district is available online here

How to make comments
Forms to respond in writing will be available at all of the above locations and events. A hard copy of the form can also be printed online from here. If you wish to pass on views and comments in person then in Stroud the above event on February 25th is the best opportunity.

To save time, the council is encouraging as many people as possible to submit any consultation responses through the online questionnaire here

As ever, if you live in Stroud Central ward you can of course contact me for any help or advice. If you do live in my ward please copy me in to any responses that you make.

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